Budget Apple Mac All in One PC system with large 24" Square Screen, ideal for photoshop, lightroom

Refurbished FULL HD Apple Imac Large Square Screen 24" DUAL CORE 2.8GHz All in One PC System with DUAL BOOT Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL & EL Capetain

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Immaculately designed from top to bottom the exquisitely designed Apple Imac will look good on any desk both for business and home use. All-in-one design that gives you everything you need in a PC by not taking up much desk space. 


 ESSENTIAL specification :-

1. Large square vibrant 24" TFT screen FULL HD 1920x1200 display

2. DUAL BOOT Windows 7 Professional & EL Capetain Mac operating system installed. Best of both worlds!

3. WiFi and wired internet access with wireless on/off switch, 3 x USB 2.0 ports, 1LAN, very rare 2 x Firewire 1394 and usual audio out/mic in etc ports

4. 4GB Ram, Intel Core 2 DUO Dual Core 2.8GHz Intel processor with ATI RADEON 2600 PRO 256MB dedicated graphics card, 

5. 500GB hard drive and built-in DVD-RW drive, Third party OEM third party wireless keyboard and mouse set, ATI Radeon 2600 PRO 256GB graphics card good for playing games like Minecraft, Sims, etc.

6. Peace of mind 12 months hardware warranty

7. UK based after sales technical support on 07583 737526

8. PC is Refurbished - item may have marks/slight cosmetic issues but functions fine.