windows 10 refurbished dell xps top of the range ssd gaming laptop with nvidia sli 9800gt

Refurbished Windows 7 Professional ULTRA DELL XPS Gaming Laptop with 17.1" Large Screen Desktop Replacement NVIDEA Geforce 8700GT SLi Twin Graphics cards for ultra high performance gaming

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Very Rare Dell XPS SLi Nvidea GT 8700 Twin Graphics Cards Windows 7 Professional laptop.

COST new £3500! The ulimate beast DELL DUAL CORE 2.5GHz XPS gaming laptop. With its 17.3" FULL HD display , capable of 1920 x 1200 full HD+ high resolution with built in webcam. Not for the faint hearted this beast of a laptop is surely built well and has everything you would ever need included SLi 2 x NVIDEA Geforce 8700GT 1GB graphics card for impressive high end gaming. With built in high speed WIFI (with hardware on/off switch), 4 x USB 2.0 ports, 1 x PC-Express expansion slot, Mini Firewire 1394 for digital AV and TVOUT/High end DVI for external video output - this beast has a awesome features. Cost new £2999, your's now for a fraction of the price. This item also has a built in SD card reader for your digital memory card transfer and is suited to high end gaming, photoshop, lightroom, etc applications. SLi graphics card technology uses 2 x graphics processor's connected in parallel to increase graphical processing. The TWIN , 2 x NVIDEA Geforce 8700GT 1GB graphics card's in the laptop will make all your dreams come true and you will never be out of performance on tap

Comes fully equipped with Microsoft Office 2007 Professional activated and installed for life including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, Infopath, Groove, Onenote, Outlook - in fact all 9 Microsoft apps!. Laptop is refurbished (battery may work or not but it’s supplied with AC mains Adapter). If you need a price for a new battery please call us on 07583 737526 after ordering. Laptop comes with the following specification :-

 ESSENTIAL specification :-

1. 17.1” widecreen (with webcam) with a resolution of 1900x1200 and TWIN dedicated NVIDEA  Geforce 8700 GT 1GB graphics cards with an additional Phys X dedicated CADCAM graphics card specially for 2D/3D applications!

2. Microsoft Office 2007 Professional and Windows 7 Professional,

3. WiFi and wired internet access with wireless on/off switch, 4 x USB 2.0 ports,
1LAN, 1 DVI, 1TVOUT,  Bluetooth, SD CARD READER,  1 x Firewire 1394 and usual audio out/mic in etc ports along with a PCMCIA 32bit card slot.
Custom DELL LCD countdown timer and clock/time/date display. 

4. 4GB Ram, DUAL CORE 2.5GHz Intel processor,

5. High Performance 320GB boot drive. Also has DVD-RW drive,

6. Peace of mind 12 months hardware warranty on laptop,

7. UK based after sales technical support on 07583 737526

8. Laptop is Refurbished - item may have marks/slight cosmetic issues but functions fine.