refurbished ibm thinkpad t23 laptop with rs232 serial port and windows xp

Refurbished Windows XP Professional IBM Thinkpad T23 Laptop Pentium 3 1.0GHz for workshop garage use (comes with RS232 serial port and parallel printer port))

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A ideal cost effective, well built IBM T23 Laptop based on a Pentium 3 processor, suited for older legacy  dos / windows xp applications. Costing £2000 when new the IBM Thinkpad set the standard in well built robust reliable laptops for home and business use. Equipped with rs232 serial port, parallel printer port, pcmcia 32bit cardbus slot for garage/workshop use. Laptop is refurbished (battery may work or not but it’s supplied with AC mains Adapter). If you need a price for a new battery please call us on 07583 737526 after ordering. Laptop comes with the following specification :-

 ESSENTIAL specification :-

1. 14.1” square screen (no webcam), no mousepad just a trackstick in the keyboard to control the mouse pointer,

2. Windows XP Professional operating system,

3. With 1 x USB port, 1LAN, very rare 1RJ11(Modem/Telephone Fax connection) and usual audio out/mic in etc ports along with a 32bit PCMCIA cardbus slot, parallel printer port, serial rs232 port, VGA port, PS2 mouse/keyboard port.

4. 512MB Ram, Intel Pentium 3 1.0Ghz processor and Silicon S3 graphics (suits older Windows XP / 2000 games),

5. Minimum 20Gb hard drive and CD drive,

6. Peace of mind 12 months Warranty,

7. Laptop may have slight marks/imperfections but functions fine. Full technical support available on 07583 737526