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Refurbished ULTRA portable weighs just 1.3kgs HP Elitebook 2710p Mini Tablet Laptop ,12.1" Widescreen TABLET display with webcam and stylus pen, INTEL Centrino 1.2GHz DUAL core processor, Windows 7 Professional, Microsoft OFFICE 2007 PRO

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Extremely stylish and lightweight 2-in-1 tablet laptop. Enjoy the benefits of a tablet with the power of a proper laptop under the hood. The tablet configuration uses a stylus pen and is very useful and versatile for web surfing in tablet mode with the built-in stylus pen. The 2-in-1 design of the HP Elitebook 2710P makes it the best of both worlds for ultimate mobile computing. With the energy efficient DUAL core Centrino 1.2GHz processor , this laptop flies at modern day tasks including web surfing, office work, etc. Comes with built in WEBCAM, mini 1394 firewire port for digital AV and versatile SD digital memory card reader. For expansion this laptop has a dedicated PC Express card slot. WIFI can be turned off and on easily thanks to the built in WIFI switch. Comes complete with Windows 7 , Microsoft OFFICE 2007 Professional. New this mini tablet laptop was £1800 , so grab a bargain..just £249.99 with 1 year warranty. Tablet Laptop comes with the following specification :-

 ESSENTIAL specification :-

1. 12.1” square display screen (with webcam and stylus pen), PEN STYLUS INPUT for screen,

2. Microsoft Office 2007 Professional and Windows 7 Professional,

3. WiFi and wired internet access with wireless on/off switch, 2 x USB 2.0 ports, 1LAN, very rare 1RJ11(Modem/Telephone Fax connection) and usual audio out/mic in etc ports along with SD Digital memory card slot, VGA, 1 x Mini FireWire 1394
4. 3GB Ram, 1.2GHz Energy Efficient Intel processor,

5. 80GB hard drive. 

6. Peace of mind 12 months hardware warranty for laptop,

7. UK based after sales technical support on 07583 737526

8. Laptop is Refurbished - item may have marks/slight cosmetic issues but functions fine,